Take the moments with you

Never lose those event memories with your friends and family, colleagues or guests!


Everyone loves an event, function or party! With so many of your friends and family, colleagues or guests in one place there's bound to be some fun and some mischief! We'll be right there to capture the laughs, the jokes, the pokes, the wiggle dances, and the group selfies - and make sure you have a whole bunch of cheeky photos and videos to help re-tell the memories!


Instagram Hashtag Printer

Our Instagram Hashtag Printer is not your ordinary photo booth - it allows your guests to print pictures from their own smart phone! It's simple, all you need to do is SNAP a photo on your phone, anywhere and anytime at your event, then upload to Instagram and TAG your post with the customized event's '#', then collect and KEEP your printed photo.

Gif Booth

Looking for a fun and interactive way to capture moments? Our GIF Booth captures the fun by taking a quick series of photos to create a fun animated video - one you'll replay hundreds of times!

Boomerang Booth

The Boomerang Booth is a great way to capture the fun moments and energy at the event, in a fun, constant motion style. The booth takes a quick burst of 20 photos making a short 2 second video which plays forwards, then backwards. A fun memory to share to your family and friends!

Video Guest Book

Another fun and interactive way to capture moments is with the Video Guest Book. The Booth lets your guests leave personalised video messages for you to enjoy and laugh at later, as well as all the classic mischief you enjoy from a photo booth at your event.

Open Air Booth

Do you remember that old, traditional photobooth box, struggling to fit all of your friends in a tiny box? Remove the box, those awkward squishy body rubs, and that's an 'Open Air Booth'. It's a space for you and your guests to get creative and have some fun making a bunch of photo memories.


STK were recommended by our wedding photographer. Leading up to our big day they were upfront about the charges and very prompt with my initial enquiries via Facebook. They were also super helpful when it came to designing the picture frames for the print-outs.


The day before the wedding they coordinated logistics with the venue directly but kept me informed - giving me solid peace of mind. During the reception they were friendly to our guests who were also satisfied with the quality of the prints and the props. The album they prepared is of very good quality and they went the extra mile to include a few key moments during our engagement on first few pages. I can easily recommend STK to anyone's wedding or event.

John Nelson Montaña



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